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Temperature monitoring during production of dairy products


Valasske Mezirici Dairy is one of the traditional producers of milk and milk products in the Czech Republic. Current production includes the production of market milk, cream and the production of fermented products, yogurts, fermented products, organic products and fermented yogurt, yogurt, milk, etc.

Dairy Products from Valasske Mezirici can currently be found throughout the Czech Republic, network-wide retail chains and retail networks. The company has gradually focused on Slovak and Hungarian markets. Dairy products are evaluated annually in several food competitions.

In the manufacture of dairy products is necessary to keep a large number of regulations and standards. Especially important factor is to maintain a constant temperature in various stages of production and research. For these applications are most suitable COMET dataloggers, which monitor the temperature in refrigerated cabinets and incubators, laboratory and production space .

COMET dataloggers excel due to their high accuracy, easy operation and data handling, concise display and long battery life. Data loggers are used primarily S0110, which in combination with tablet applications and COMET Downloader meet the criteria for monitoring of the premises in the food service.

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Valaske Mezirici Dairy

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The Czech Republic

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Industrie Santé et laboratoire